My Video Project: MS5101 2016 CW1


Technology in the Supercity

Chosen theme:

We have been given the theme of Supercities and the sub-themes of either Nature, Technology and Poetry. Out of all of these I have decided to focus on the use of Technology in the Supercity as I find this a more broader topic to research and to film. I have chosen this particular theme because technology is a very important factor and is used everyday by people and we rely on it a lot for all sorts of different things, some being that it serves a variety of functions in many of the most important aspects of modern society, education, communication, business and scientific progress. As a group we will be focusing on the use of the Iphone 7 and how this brand new specimen of technology is used throughout the day for various functions.

Where was the project shot and how is this relevant to the theme:

As a group we wanted to shoot in various places around London from an eye point of view on the use of the brand new iphone 7 and show what advanced functions of technology it has and how this can be used whilst travelling on different forms of transport throughout the day. By focusing on the use of the iPhone 7 I think this is relevant to the theme of supercity as London itself is a supercity where technology has advanced at a high rate during the last couple of years and filming the use of an iphone 7 through a users eye point of view will highlight how fast pace moving through London actually is and how much technology has actually developed throughout the years. As a group we travelled to Greenwich on the  DLR  where we showed close up shots of using the “Apple pay” to touch in and out as we were leaving the station, this showing how the latest new technology in the form of the iphone 7 can be used to tap in and out instead of using a oyster card.



As our main focus in this video is the use of technology based on the iphone 7, as a group we looked at different statistics of how much contactless cards are used in the UK and smartphone payments such as Apple Pay. Figures have shown that there are a total of “97.1m contactless cards in issue in the UK, these cards are split between debit (66.3 m) and credit/ charge cards (30.8m), this is an increase of 2.1% on the previous month and 30.4% over the year”. This clearly shows that contactless payments have made a huge impact on how people pay for their merchandise as it is a much easier and quicker way and can be accessed through the use of a smartphone in which this couldn’t be done before but now it has become possible as the UK’s digital technology industries are growing 32 percent faster than the rest of the UK’s economy, according to a new tech report. The use of technology has become a necessity to most people and a relied- on tool that is going to keep on growing and finding new ways to benefit peoples day to day lives.


Technical Information  and Techniques used:

As a group we used the Sony X7 camera in a handheld motion to shoot the video which is around 3 minutes long. We wanted the video to be shot from an eye point of view showing the use of the different types of technology especially the use of the iphone 7 and all its features.The video was edited we used “Sony Vegas Pro” which took a couple of days to finish, as well as this we also added various types of music to be included in to the video so give it that upbeat look to it as we didn’t want it to be boring so the extra music just gives the video more of a cool vibe to it.


My Critical Reflection:

Throughout this project, I actually enjoyed working with my group and I feel that we have produced a good piece of work as we all got involved together and made sure we each did our bit. Our video was filmed in a single day and we were all happy with what we had filmed and we didn’t need to re-shoot any parts at all. I am not very confident when it comes to editing so we worked as a group to edit the piece together and am happy with the final outcome as we did our best to fit everything with the theme of technology in the supercity so I am satisfied that we have achieved this. The only thing that I would complain about is the lack of guidance we had from our module leaders as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing right until the final week, I feel if we had more guidance and if the project was explained better I would of started this project weeks ago and done more research about it as I didn’t do that much at all. However, as a whole I am happy with the end outcome of the video piece.



My Video:









































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